UCCSER Development Guide

Welcome to the developer guide for the University of Canterbury Computer Science Education Research Group, or UCCSER for short. This guide is a series of documentation pages to inform you how the UCCSER projects are structured and managed, the requirements for working on these projects, and our expectations of you. This documentation is both for contributors and our own staff and students to assist in the onboarding process.

The development guide is split into the following documentation sections:

Contribution Documentation: This documentation is for anyone who wish to contribute on UCCSER projects. This includes someone who wishes to make an issue, to someone who wants to develop a new feature.

Technical Documentation: This documentation is for those who wish to run a UCCSER project on their local machine.

Staff Documentation: This documentation is for members of the UCCSER team, to learn how we communicate. We have made this information public to aide other similar groups.